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By | October 17, 2012

Update Penguin

I posted an article a few days ago that in which I did echo the statements of our friend Matt Cutts. He said that if you are unable to get a penalty of Penguin, the best is yet to create a new site with a new domain name. This statement has not failed to unleash the wrath of the Internet and honest people who invest hugely time and money in their business on the web.
Today I come with good news or rather a good experience. Indeed, a site in the USA escaped. And it is not alone. He was hit by Penguin on April 24 (day of deployment). Then Relied Plutard one month. Look at this screenshot rather its analytics:
How to get out of a penalty Penguin?

According to the site, it would be released by a major spring cleaning. All back links are past. He says he removed half a million back links to their site. Including those present in the footers of sites have installed a template or plug-in production. Warning to not marginalize. It is a huge task which was facilitated in this case by the fact that the amendment did not require a single action. In real life, to remove or modify such a large number of links is time-consuming and more cause it the resignation of an employee.

Other cleanup actions performed
They also made some more general cleanup actions which, in my opinion, had no effect on the removal of the penalty. They speak of these actions:
Remove some unnecessary links among the pages of the site
Implementation of the rel = canonical tag to set some crawl errors
Cleaning their urls in the sitemap (removal of broken links) and via new submission to Google webmaster tools
Delete duplicate tags (title, Meta …) reported in webmaster tools
This is not an isolated case; another member of the SEOmoz site also posted his experience. Out of the penalty is possible if you know exactly what has caused the said penalty. This is not easy!

Google Panda 4.0 Update
14 Septemer updated before the Google Panda update was August 20 Panda 3.9.1
update is now 4.00.

Any For Details:


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