Top 6 SEO Question for Interview

By | October 26, 2012
1) The overall development of Google: how do you imagine the future of Google?

Google is moving from the status of the search engine portal of tools and services on the web. It aims to become the global network that Microsoft was for computers for 20 years. And it is going to become. Remains to be seen how it will manage its growth now …

2) How do you imagine the job of SEO in 5 years or 10 years?

It’s science fiction: -] Let’s say in the coming years, I see the job of SEO move more and more towards counseling and client support to best optimize its website. The time they sold the “black box” is done … Today is the owner of the website that optimizes its pages and that it needs to be accompanied …

3) In your opinion, how could the job of SEO to evolve?

I think I answered this above question. More advice, more support, less opacity in the methods. This is what customers demand today …

4) With the arrival of the liberalization of domain name extensions, what are the challenges of SEO?

In fact, I do not see how the liberalization of domain names could play in terms of SEO. Already today, we base referencing a single domain name, it is. Com or. Autre chose was ultimately a very low weight in terms of engine visibility, in addition, it is considered spam basing its strategy on Referencement several different domain names. So …

5) What advice would you give to a young person who wants to work in SEO?

Being passionate, curious, patient, humble, eager for knowledge, and ready to question every morning. Above all, I would say there are many companies looking for good SEO … 🙂

6) He advise you to turn to SEO companies or agencies rather to create websites with a pole of SEO?

Both general. Both are interesting, I would advise him to turn to especially a society where it feels good. In the field of SEO, I almost want to say that SEOs are, if they are good, that put an interview employers 😉

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