Death of SEO. Sovereignty and Social Material

By | November 22, 2012
It is an article in the Forbs Adam a SEO Guru foreign Torkildson Google SEO, says that the industry as the murder of today is also present. Important comments made a statement that was an effective amount Roduce

is not fail, even if it is understood that  comes in.

Search engine optimization: SEO stands for. India, the organic SEO. In other words, the fact that preparation of technical and their own web pages to work on material for ensuring results of the search engine pages stand in the rankings is possible.
But from the way organic SEO only 15 per cent. Now, we should also go out of their own web page SEO work on. Writing this article, the press release, including, comments … It is correct, materials, and back links = ‘links that to their own web pages.
A case in point is the focus of the subject: But what is the Google? True Google relevant material and wants to do. Because if Google Request to its users for does not provide the best answer when they kill their business.
That is SEO. If you see that it is your material like canvas was left between the unless it is done better than that of alone.

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