Amazing SEO Rules To Follow In 2016

By | July 17, 2016

Here, Experts offers following tips on how to use SEO to maximize your seo in website 


“Google, right now, is making 500 algorithm changes a year,” Laetsch says. “Every change is focused on making sure that when someone searches on Google, if they get the right result on the first few pages, they’ve got a great experience. It’s not, ‘How am I going to tweak the engine or trick Google, Bing or Yahoo?’ It’s how you make sure that your content is the best possible content on the Internet for the words that you care about.”

1)   Focus on the user experience.

             So how to Improve User Experience

  1. use white space
  2. page speed
  3. Use Attractive Calls to Action
  4. Use Hyperlink Differentiation
  5. Use Bullets, Bullets, Bullets
  6. Use Images (But Use Them Wisely)
  7. Include Well-Designed and Written Headings
  8. Catch Your 404 errors
  9. Be Responsive & Mobile-Friendly

2 )   Size matters.

Longer articles, between 1,200 to 1,500 words, perform better in search, on average.

it was two or three years ago, when 300 words was a pretty long page. Longer articles are getting more traffic, and they’re ranking higher in SEO, especially for competitive terms.

The changes that Google is making, and the reason they’re making these changes, is to make sure they’re sending traffic to pages that delight humans.” He suggests breaking up long-form content with subheads, bullet points and images throughout the copy to make it easy for readers to more quickly scan and read  it.

Longer articles perform better in search results because there are more words and images to rank on the page.


3) Optimize for mobile.








More people are reading news  and doing thousands of stuff on their smart-phones and personal devices, so it’s important to ensure that your content is search-able there,

“Making sure Google can understand the content that’s found within a mobile app, and leveraging the marketing of the app with respect to SEO, is an opportunity on the consumer and B-to-B marketing side.”


4)Use unique images.

The most important SEO tip for 2016 is to focus on your audience, GOOGLE  says. “In the past, it was about marketers trying to promote what they wanted people to see. Today it’s about delivering what people actually want to see that will give you an SEO ranking boost.”

This is the most important tip.

While images aren’t as big of a referral source in Google as they used to be, having unique images on your site is valuable.

5)Keywords aren’t the  every everything

These days including keywords in headlines is becoming less important as there are other major parts also to follow. Seventy-five percent of search queries are between three and five words long, so you should write headlines accordingly.

“The search engines are figuring out that if people search for the word ‘marketing,’ or any one- or two-word query, they don’t get the results they want. To get quality results that are most likely to answer their question, they have to go to three-, four- or five-word queries. As content creators, when you’re thinking about optimization, you have to think about that.”



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