Top Most Differences Between Google Seo and Yandex

By | July 26, 2016


As we all know Google is on the top of any search engine than all others ,
But if you see it world wide like other countries which don’t use google majorly
like  China, South Korea, or Russia and many others you’ll found that
In term of Seo you are missing a lot of active audience if your websites are not showing up in their
preffered searching engines.

Like for instance in Russia Yandex is more popular than Google.Approx 60% of the Russian audience is using Yandex  instead of google and other browsers Therefore it’s currently ranked as the number one Russian internet property. There’s also significant Yandex usage in neighboring countries, such as Belarus, Kazakhstan, and Turkey.

And while most of the fundamental rules for promoting sites on Google apply to Yandex , There are major differences between these platforms. To master Yandex SEO and , keep these following
tips in mind.


Regional Geolocation

Top Major difference between Google and Yandex is the higher priority Yandex
places on geo-targeting. While Local SEO and user customization
certainly plays a role in Google search engine result pages (SERPs), most users will
see the same results as other users from their country. Not so with Yandex.

In Yandex, all queries are divided into two kind of search.
geo-independent searches

For geo-dependent searches, only websites from a particular region are shown, which means
that people from different cities will see completely different search results.


To make sure your website can still be found, Yandex Webmaster blog offers the following tips:

  • Publish your business’s name, address, postal code, telephone number, and area code on your website.
  • Publish the same information for every regional branch of your business.
  • Make every page of your website available to Yandex’s robot regardless of its IP address.


Geography is a very important factor for Yandex. All the queries typed by the users in the searchbox are divided into geo-dependent and geo-independent ones.

For example, if someone would search Yandex for a [hairdresser’s] (a geo-dependent keyword) using a Moscow IP, the results will be for that region only. On the contrary, a general query, for instance [download movies], would show results from different regions.

Yandex determines geo-dependence statistically. For instance, the query [cargo transportation] is geo-dependent because according to the statistic it is often accompanied by a certain location. Up to 30 percent of all queries in Yandex are geo-dependent.

yandex-direct-campaign-structureTo understand how Yandex Direct geotargeting works, it is very important to remember what the PPC campaign structure looks like. Yandex does not support ad groups, so a Direct campaign would be typically structured as follows:

In Yandex Direct geotargeting settings are available on both campaign and ad level, while in AdWords – only on campaign level.

Location-wise, you can target almost any place in the world with your Yandex Direct PPC campaigns. Africa can be only targeted as a whole continent. In Europe, Asia, Americas and Oceania geotargeting is possible on a country level, however not all countries can be included. Middle East and Baltic states are also available as regions.

In Russia geotargeting can be done on a country, region, district and city level.










Yandex Optimization Is More Time Taking


Yandex’s index seems to be re-calculated at a much slower pace. When optimizing for Yandex, make sure you (and your employer) allow for more time to see results on particular optimization activities—both on-page and off-page.

Yandex SEO isn’t much different from doing it for other major search engines. The priorities of ranking factors are a bit different, indexation isn’t as quick, and local SEO differs greatly, but over all, it is still pretty simple to optimize for Yandex.



In short, if you combine patterns for SEO optimization you know so far, takes into account the details you described above and know that the key is that your page must look like Russian (designed by Russians and written by Russians), there you have success.

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