Seo Mistakes to avoid soon

By | August 13, 2016

Seo Mistakes To Avoid –


While using SEO we should be very very careful,  Everybody wants their particular website to be on top Rank. All these Seo mistakes specifically comes in the example of Bad Seo–

Good Seo  and Bad Seo.. you all might be familiar  with the GOOD SEO.

Lets talk about Bad SEO .


What is bad seo?

Google is the core Specific Search engine : The  moderation  , changes , practices that are out of the  Google rules and boundaries  ,   Or Outdated  in some aspects are considered in Bad SEO .

Bad seo will always generate negative result can suddenly swipe away you particular ranking and  fall many more .

Complete list under bad seo


#1 Duplicate  Content / Copied content

Duplicate content or the copied content is the most unforgivable mistake .

Here I am talking about two types    1)Duplicate   2) Copied

Although these are different terms but none of them is good .. and you should be familiar with so here is the explanation

  • Duplicate content is that content with exist more than once in your website.
  • Copied content is that content which exist on another blog / website already.

Logic is quite similar to both .. Reason is  Google have already indexed that piece of content … So if you  do this mistake  , you will considered as a spammer . In any particular case if any situation arise that the content is universal and it need to be shared.. Than I would suggest you to write in another specific format . But I will suggest in this case to “no_follow” and “no_index” that kind of information for your better seo.


Take it this way .. Google has its bots to crawl allover.  And you being a Website/Blog owner want to be indexed,But if you will copy or make any replica from some other content why Google will indexed you if it’s already having that data . Non Unique content is very bad for seo purpose.


#2 Stuffing too many keywords and Using Wrong Keywords

Rank Rank Rank Rank Rank Rank Rank Rank Rank Rank Rank Rank Rank Rank Rank Rank Rank Rank Rank Rank Rank Rank Rank Rank Rank Rank Rank Rank Rank Rank Rank Rank Rank Rank Rank Rank Rank Rank Rank Rank    !!!!!!!What?


Suppose  a reader come to your website for acquiring any content.. What he/she sees allover in your page few words popping all over in their eye.. Sure user will get exhausted and leave your website very soon in no time.

Also it is against Google Rules and basic cause for the poor ranking.

Keep this  thing always in mind that user is the first priority . After getting your keyword you might be in hush to stuff it all over in page, … it,s not going to change anything .So what you should do is to select a few ranking keywords  wisely according to your content should  place them fancily in proper positions to get the job done.

You should always focus in generating great content by the way.

Always remember that  Your content must be User Friendly. But

Using Wrong Keywords

Using wrong keywords is as same as stuffing too many keywords ,this will also  work negatively  AND let your ranking down.  Even seo experts could also make these kinds of mistakes that is why each should be very careful while choosing and using keywords in their content.

There are a lot of tools which you can take help from to select good keyword for your site. For example –


How it works :  This tool tries to determine the theme of your website after that is provides keyword   suggestions along with estimates of keyword traffic right now

Keyword Tool

It  Employ Google suggest for keyword  research.

It  simply  take all the google suggested  keywords and present them to you in  a very    wonderful way.

In last one line .. “Choose wisely , Use wisely”.

 #3 How  Thin/Thick your content is?

No matter whatever you do . In the end everything that matters to audience is you overall content.

In 2011 Google released a bot “ PANDA”. To check every piece of content from there huge databases and array.  Main reason is to   degrade thick content and upgrade thick content according to there word limits.

Word Limit– Your content limit should be greater than 600 words.  It hurt  audience very bad if they find something interesting and it ends up too quickly.

So you should make sure that your content is written well and not too thin. If you are using broader images  on your content  than don’t forget to add alt tag in order to tell what they are in reference to.  But you must  be very sure about the Quality  of your content.

If  you think of writing a huge bulletin  of  letters, You might be spending up your time in spinning the wheels only and no good result will come.


#4 low optimization of Title tag and Meta Description Tag –

What are title and meta description tags:

Your title and meta description tags contain the short and important description  of what your website is about.  It helps all search engines to know about the theme of your site and to read the content.

Meta tags and Description tags must be contained in each and every web page of your website but the important thing is it must be changed every time in accordance to your content for better evaluation about your content and better seo results.

Even the professional seo  specialists get lazy over time  ending up spamming and repeating same description again and again.

#5 No sitemap?-

What are Sitemaps-

Sitemap  is that web page that contains all the related non related page links in one single page and it is very very helpful.  It helps in maintaining  all the links of your site in one page .

While on seo purpose sitemap helps google to index all the pages of your website in one time if you are lucky.

Remember that Google is always helping up in bringing the new content for users. Sitemaps  also helps in maintaining the originality of your content. You must have a good site map for better seo results and fast indexing purpose.


#6  Broken Links are as painful as broken ribs –

What are broken links? –

Suppose In your webpage  you want to link any text on your website to some other place but any how you could not manage that part  and you ending up creating a link that goes no where… a self link  .. That.. is a broken link .

In Google reading  process, Broken links makes  very bad reputation of your site in . It is also a glitch in audience eyes too..


#7 Poor Anchor text optimization


There must be always an anchor text for every internal link. Not using anchor text will be like you are provided with a service free of cost and you are not using it well!!

Suppose you write a blog post about fashion and you want it to link up with your another e-commerce website  than instead of click here .. you should use click here  for a look at this xyz fashion store … blblbla  means some relevant keywords..

One thing You should keep in mind while making anchor text link … You should never repeat the same text link again and again . You should optimise it accordingly well.

Ah and  keep focus on both things  link quality and quantity too. I mean the content inside your link must be relevant and very strong.

#8 Non attractive presentation

There is a very pure and universal  line –  “First Impression is the last Impression” .Understand this term ..if you lack in this thing .. the whole thing  your content , your all dreams about that content , your seo will never ever work.

Keep an eye always … read  it up . from top to bottom, let others make there opinions on it too ..Before You publish it.

What comes in Good Presentation ?

Lets talk about few points here ..

  • Consistency In Your content –  Your content must be well organised and easy to read . Its not a rocket science.  Focus  on the readability and check if as a user you are reaching on each point easily  .
  • Easy to understand – It is very clear everyone wants straight and accurate result. So you should  take care of
  • Getting not too verbal
  • Making Things Dramatic
  • Poor Vocabulary
  • Too tough words


  •  Use of media (images/videos)   – No images and videos and all the words .. sounds boring right !.

Use of images with great description makes its interesting for users to understand too.

They will read it with more concentration . Take care of that part  too.


In last few more things.

Don’t forget to use Google Analytics and let your site crawled ..

All the best .


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