How to create an Google Adsense Account step by step (For new Bloggers)

By | August 15, 2016

Step by Step Tutorial of Google AdSense for Beginners 


Google’s One of the best advertisement program is AdSense. You can earn Good money through it.

Today i will give you a step by step tutorial of How To Adsense – means how to create an Adsense account for you new website with few following simple steps.

So Lets Get Started !

There are a lot of advertisers out there in market , but you will always find out that Google Adsense is the best among all these – because it comes with only highest paying ads and many more features.

Adsense was also not easy for me too – when i started using it  for my first website. I was not very sure about if i am doing it right or wrong .But somehow i managed through Wikipedia.

for all the beginners who are not familiar with the concept, Adsense is an advertising Program (Basically for publishers who want to publish their products) . To place related contextual advertisements on your website /Blog  /Niche and you get paid if some other person click or spend time on those ads.

Before getting Deeper into that topic there are some must to be have  requirements which you should be familiar with –

There are a couple of  requirements which you must follow before you can apply for AdSense:

  1. You must have a website in order to perform Google AdSense.
  2. You must be 18 +.

These are Google AdSense rules  & requirements which need to be fulfilled.

First  Step – Guide to Goggle Adsense

  • Sign Up for AdSense : Then click on the sign up button (Green Button)  and create an account for your particular website .

Google-adsense 1

After clicking on sign up button , you will find out two options.

(1) continue with the existing account or (2) Create another account


Small Notice : If you are already having a domain name and you are using google apps from that domain email address  than you should use that particular (  , Chances of approving your adsense application  get increased by a factor  of  2 multiply.

Second Step – Guide to Goggle Adsense

  • If you have an existing Google Account .. great! ..or if you want a specific account than you need to fill this form to create one .


  • To create a new google account you simply need to fill some basic information and an older email address for verification.

Third Step – Guide to Goggle Adsense

  •  Next step is to fill information about your website.

adsense information          This step is also straight forward. You just need to fill out your web address . make sure that you     write it without http:// and select your preferable language.

Fourth Step- Guide to Goggle Adsense

This is the most important part.

I  remembered i also made a lot of mistakes in stating when i was new to it.

This is the most important part because it helps you and google to connect with each other . After your approval of application google may connect through check or  ETF . So you need to be patience and fill all the information correctly .

Below is the application form that will appear on your computer screen after step -3.

google follow sites infromation


First of all you need to select your country / Territory than time zone accordingly / account type is having two options.

(1) Business account or

(2) Individual account .

After that you name : Remember here Your name must be same as it is in your Bank Account . It   matters a lot then your address , your postal code like mine is  110003 . And a few more basic information  and you are set.

So what you have to remember is?

  • Fill the right address
  • Right name (as it in your bank account)
  • right contact inormation
  • right postal code of your area
  • After that you need to read all the Google AdSense  Policies that shows up in a pop up box after submitting your contact information.

Google adsense policoes

  • Every thing ends up good with a message on your screen that …Google adsense lastAfter checking the status of your site by Google Adsense Experts.

Any Other Queries about Google AdSense….. may Drop in the comment section below.

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