List Of High Page Rank Dofollow Social bookmarking sites | 2016 (apporved)

By | August 1, 2016

First before going Further..Why Social Bookmarking?

In SEO terms Social Bookmarking is one of the best method to Promote any Website , Blog , Brands or any events in less time.By following Social Bookmarking sites we can create high quality DoFollow Backlinks and can Generate huge traffic on your Website

What can we Share on Social Bookmarking Sites?

Basically Social Bookmarking Sites are totally into sharing and searching of famous webpages, new content, blogpost, multimedia, audios, videos, image, articles, any type of content etc.., shared by others and  have bookmarked with the help of metadata.  Digg, Pinterest,  Reddit, StumbleUpon are some of the well- known and top social bookmarking websites.

Why its is Important to spread on Social  Media?

With this changing Market Industry you can not stand only by getting visitors from Paid or Search Engine Techniques .

To Promote your Website to  Social Bookmarking Sites like Stumbleupon , Printerest can have you to generate pure audience.These Websites are having almost 100 Domain Authority & 8 Google Page rank, Having millions of active users every month.

What Are the Advantages of Social Bookmarking Sites?

Social Bookmarking sites is the greatest platform for Publishing news, blogs & other Web Content to generate quality & valuable backlinks and to Build  more traffic to your site. Also…

  1. Social bookmarking site are teh best for spreading your new business or Brand.
  2. Social bookmarking websites helps in increasing your website search engine rankings position (SERP)
  3. Social bookmarking sites helps in increasing Google PageRank .
  4. Social bookmarking websites helps in faster indexing of blog posts.
  5. Social bookmarking sites can Drive audience to your website.
  6. Social bookmarking sites can decrease  bounce rate.
  7. Social bookmarking sites can be use to make any blog famous and make that viral.
  8. If your Site navigation is not helping search engine crawler to Crawl Deeper in your website, Social Bookmarking Sites can help you in deeper indexing.
  9. Chances are higher get Index by Search Engine before someone steal your Original Content.

How To Use Social Bookmarking Dofollw  Sites

You  Should use your website very carefully with keywords, description, title, and other information’s.

Posting Bookmarks with same description, title and keyword again & again will produce spamming and unnatural  conditions to your website.

Three place are preferred to add information , data about your page content, new article , websites and latest blogs.

  • Title – Use user friendly keywords.
  • Description – Complete Description about your web page.
  • URL – Web page url (Uniform Resource Locater).

List of Top Free Social Media Bookmarking Dofollow Sites arraged by Google ranking

Here is a complete list of Dofollow Social Bookmarking Sites arranged with rank from Google, Alexa and others.


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