How To Make Your Website Rank No 1

By | August 7, 2016

How To Make Your  Website Rank No 1 -CASE STUDY


To make your website rank on top -You simply cannot make your website rank to page one on Google and expect to stay there without having a website that the search engine rates highly.

Google has hundreds of ranking factors all designed to work out in rank quality score for all indexed websites.

We can review your website and tell you exactly what you need to do to get more traffic from Google. For this send us your domain through emails- or anything.

So how to make your website rank lower !!

Many people are there who made a jump with their sites rank on the #1 spot in Google . But how that Person rocketed at that place?(You’ll also see how people are earning $100k with there sites as revenue per month)

I will also share how to boost your traffic (Organic) upto 50% in just a week.

you will learn the real White Hat Seo strategy that people are using on every step to earn  huge profits.

Let Grab this piece of knowledge step – by – step.

Ist step :  Find an awsome keyword  (keyword research) – how to make your website rank no 1

  • you can simply use keyword research. You will find out that most of the times the keywords we use are not searched by the user or inappropriate , or not good for be on rank one #1 .

Its came to known after case study that people are more interested in Broad Topic Keywords than in specific terms. you can always pop new keywords into Google Keyword Planner and check how many people search this keyword per day /per month.

But one thing you must always keep in mind about that keyword is the bid and how much area of keyword is covered by ad-word sponsored by Google.

lets back to the step to step again …

2nd step : Find Content that already Ranked for that Keyword (Setting Content) – how to make your website rank no 1

BUT WHY? To destroy that content with new one.

 so How to find that keyword related content which is already Ranked

there is a very simple technique for that  –

  • It is very simple just search for your target keyword (and a few closely-related keywords), and see what comes up.

So  lets see as a default we found out that  upto index 2 or 3 ist page only showing ads and pdf about that content.

Very surely PDF s are not very user friendly. also most of the results were in lack of visual content.

  • lets me tell you something visual content  like any image or video is the stuff that makes you ideas and content looks interesting and creates upto 40% social media share. 

you must have something different and something hit to topic , interesting recipe in order to get praise and get top rank.


3Step :  Creating something That Deserved to be on the #1 Rank – How to make your website rank no 1

let me tell you one major thing.. First page Ranking has nothing with keeping your site updated and fresh with new content ,instead there are  only certain two things to follow

  1. get the content which is capable of becoming no 1 
  2. Promote the content.                                                                                                                                                                         these are the only two steps,  First and Last.













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