Benefits of Dofollow site links 2017 – explained with site list

By | March 3, 2017

Check the Benefits of Dofollow site links 2017 – explained better with complete list of all sites for best search engine optimization (SEO) results.   Read this article till  end, this article contain each and every thing you need to know about Dofollow Sites links benefits , need, how to create, results .

First be totally assured that you are in right place. Yes if you have created back links , or creating  dofollow site links but don’t know the benefits , importance of back links you have come to right place. Lets strat dofollow explaination from the begining to end and than are done ! Let’s start.

Clear your Ideas about Back Links

Confusion between dofollow and nofollow

Before going further take a look on what are back links | site links | type of links | dofollow links

Those who are new in Seo might be wondering what are back links and why they are important. Okay!

Back links are you can think as main building block for Search engine optimization purpose for different browsers. Back links are the links that direct towards your website/blog/forum or webpage.

For example any link on other website that direct that specific webpage to your site are good back links. (Remember when refer to your website).

Another name of back links is inbound links (IBL’s). Back links are good for Seo purpose because all search engines, more Google, will prefer that websites that have a good number of quality back links, and consider that particular website more relevant irrespective of other websites.

Also for your believe Moz found that almost all of the web pages with high quality back links have more page rank than others after a study of 15,000 competitive keywords on different websites.

Sad news is that no matter you are writing useful, proper and reasonable content without building good quality back links isn’t the best strategy as over 2 million posts getting published per day.

Type of Back links

Back links have so many types some are good ,some are bad and no matter what back link source you choose these two only these two backlinks are only important and meaningful for your business.

(i) Dofollow

(ii) Nofollow

Lets check the code format of both links

Example of Dofollow site link   –     <a href=”” rel=”dofollow”> Check Dofollow site links</a>

Example of Nofollow site link  –     <a href=”” rel=”nofollow”> Check Nofollow site links</a>

By checking the ‘rel’ attribute google knows the type of back links generated. This is how Google assign a position to the linked sites in search results.

However nofollow link does not effect much sites on other search engines for example take yahoo but over all pay good role in ranking and other factors. Dofollow links provide link juce and are the best links to build for better seo results.

Dofollow backlinks may also be defined as those links which you can not control are the the best for seo purpose. and keep in mind that Blog comments, not the best. Forum signature – not the best. Directories – not the best. Guest blogs – not the best. Earning links isn’t always possible or attainable but if you’re after the best, the best ones are placed on sites naturally by people who love what you’re doing. Everything else is just waiting to be devalued.

Here Know you about benefits of Dofollow sites links in brief. This is how dofollow sites links help in better and effective seo for your site. First you have to set in mind that building flawless and actionable content may be the first step but it is not the last . Many thing stands in-between and creating good quality dofollow site back links might be the top most priority after that.

Guess what do you want whenever you write any post/article. Everyone might be guessing the same thins such as to be indexed quickly, more exposure to the web world, your content to be shared everywhere , long lasting results in terms of Seo benefits and last but not least to be on top rank obviously.

And one of the best thing you must keep in mind that only dofollow links are crawled and indexed by Google search engine and provide a link juice(Link juice is in the SEO world may be defined as the equity passed to a site via links from external or internal sources mostly matters in page rank, high priority high page rank). So, you should always build dofollow links for your website.

List of Free High pr Dofollow Social bookmarking sites list | 2017


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